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Commercial Painting

Interior PaintingLegendary Painting offers both interior and exterior commercial painting for a diversity of commercial businesses ranging from retail to industrial, office, public service institutions and more. There are a number of important considerations when performing commercial painting that vary according to your specific type of business. To obtain the highest quality results harmoniously during the operation of your business the professionals at Legendary Painting will exceed your expectations.

New Construction Painting

When painting in a new construction scenario we will commonly be working in proximity with other tradesmen who are also involved in different aspects of the construction. Communication is a vital part of new construction painting to insure when working around other tradesman such as an electrician, carpenter, plumber, etc, we are not interfering with each other. Having a good working relationship with the job supervisor through cooperation and good communication is a vital part of obtaining excellent results.

Working Within the Confines of an Existing Business

It is often necessary to paint in an environment with business taking place around us. In such cases it is important to complete the project in an inconspicuous way without interfering with the operation of your business. To accomplish this involves a lot of communication with managers, or the individuals in charge to define how, where, and when we will work to insure your business is unaffected by our work. If necessary we can also complete your project at night when few or no individuals are around.

Dress and Conduct

A clean professional appearance is an important part of completing a job within view of your employees and/or customers. In terms of dress we always wear Legendary Painting white tee shirts. In contrast to the industry in general, we feel strongly that inappropriate language has no place on the job and we respect our customers by keeping it clean.

Maintaining a Clean Work Environment

We do not want to leave a mess, or create one even when we are working. We do not want our tools scattered all around, or being stored inappropriately. We want to extend courtesy in insuring that our customers are satisfied with the location of our tools, our vehicles, and if remaining overnight that our equipment is stored in an acceptable location. When working within a commercial environment we understand our client has hired us to be there, to be respectful, and insure that nothing is damaged.

Estimating Your Project Cost

In most cases in estimating a commercial project blueprints are provided from which we can examine the dimensions of the project area, consider surface area and accessibility, time and materials, and enable us to provide an accurate estimate. This is particularly true in the case of new construction where we can not necessarily walk around the building and know how it looks. This is one important reason that your painter must be able to accurately read and understand blueprints. At Legendary Painting we are proficient in this area.

In the case of an existing commercial project where it is possible to see how it looks we will also perform a visual examination and provide our final estimate based on that.

Issues That May Affect Your Project

If a condition exists that will have a negative impact on the painting materials used, or the final quality of the project, we will need to consider this prior to extending an estimate. For example, if there is a moisture problem it may involve looking below the surface to see what is underneath. If there is a leak - attempting to locate where it is coming from, or whether it will continue since it will affect the performance of the products that we use. If repairs are needed we will take care of the smaller ones, but if necessary we will make use of a qualified subcontractor.


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