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Residential Painting

Interior PaintingAt Legendary Painting we offer both Interior and Exterior residential painting, and finishing featuring quality workmanship and affordable prices. When most people think of painting they simply visualize an individual with a paint brush and a fresh can of paint covering an old surface. But there are many more considerations to obtaining good results that we endeavor to achieve. These considerations consist not only of obtaining quality results, but also the methods used in achieving them.


We can not place enough emphasis on communication and making sure that our customers are clear and comfortable about all the details. Communications such as knowing when to expect us and when we plan to depart, making certain that if a customer desires to be home while we are working that we correctly schedule our working hours around that request. Generally speaking we need to insure that our customers are totally informed about everything that is going on and that we adhere to all requests.

Dress and Conduct

In terms of dress we always wear Legendary Painting white tee shirts. In contrast to the industry in general, we feel strongly that inappropriate language has no place on the job and we respect our customers by keeping it clean. When speaking with our customers we make sure that we are always courteous and respectful, and that we stay out of the way. We feel that when we are hired to do a job we should endeavor not to interfere with their everyday lives.

Caring For Your Property

We do not want to leave a mess, or create one even when we are working. We do not want our tools scattered all over the place, or being stored inappropriately. We want to extend courtesy in insuring that our customers are satisfied with the location of our tools, our vehicles, and if remaining overnight that our equipment is stored in an acceptable location. If we are in somebody’s house or on someone’s property they have hired us to be there, to be respectful, and insure that nothing is damaged.

Estimating Your Project Cost

To estimate the cost of your project we will look over the job, or walk around the house with you to see what the job entails and to gain a personal understanding of your needs, expectations, and any concerns that you may have about the job. During this time we will point out any considerations about what we have seen, and share how we will be able to help.

This is also an opportunity for our customers to get acquainted with me, and to help make them comfortable in the knowledge that I understand this is their home, that they want it taken care of properly, and that we will do that. To put it another way; we will do the project the same way they would if they had the knowledge and expertise. Once this process is complete we will provide our customer with a quote for services.

Issues That May Affect Your Project

In cases of rot or some other issues it is difficult to visually look something over like clapboard or a needed shingle repair and provide a quote before knowing the actual depth of the issue. For example, if there is a moisture problem it may involve removing some siding and seeing what is underneath. If there is a leak - attempting to locate where it is coming from, or whether it will continue since it will affect the performance of the products that we use. If repairs are needed we will take care of the smaller ones, but if not we will make use of a qualified subcontractor.


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